Glenoak is a small settlement that has grown slowly among Hauhau Woods (GM: Windy Woods). The woods have protected Glenoak from many battles since the first age wars started; in which no one recalls when it started.

Approximately nine-hundred years ago, a young human girl foretold a prophecy. “Build a vault in Pango Stone (GM: Black Stone), build it with one entrance and no windows. Place neither door nor seal on the entrance but place your valuable items within, the Gods shall protect them for your kin.”

The people of Glenoak spent what they could to build the vault and with all the community resources spent on building this vault and valuable items placed within the vault, it didn’t take long for word to spread to looters that there was nothing to stop them looting the new vault.

As time past and the worth of the vault dropped, the community grew bigger and bigger. Along with the numbers, the power of Glenoak grew; magic was still young at this time, and had only reached Glenoak when another child foretold a prophecy.

“Build your vault a door, make it out of these here metals and do so carefully. Place these spells on the door and create these here groves. Enchant the door exactly as I say to stand the test of days. Thou you shall hurry, for you must seal the door before the twelve day of Kotinga (GM: Crop/Harvest).”

Today; while the vaults door is crumbling it still prevents people from entering into the vault. Many people have tried many methods to force the door open, filling the vault with water seems to never even fill it, and sand too falls to what seems to be a bottomless pit.

Another prophecy has yet to be told to you, but that must wait, for this is only the history that is Castle of Elements.

Your party

You find yourself aboard a boat after deciding that for some reason, you wanted life away from the common and normal that your background offered and hope to find something you can enjoy. You signed up with a sailing ship paid the gold and joined the crew. While sailing your company finds land, that to the Captains knowledge has never been charted and approached the shore.

Disaster does hit, first it was the stormy night that battled the boat. Second came the jaggered rocks and unknown terrian below the boat. And thrid the boat and most of the inhabbiants of the boat perished.

Having no captian, no leader, and no way to get back, your group decides to see what this island can offer you. In searching this unknown land, your party stumbles upon a road, not knowing which direction you should travel one of you suggest flipping a coin(a d2). It lands, and you take the path agreed on before flipping it.

Along your journey you have found information relating to survival in this land, and that while this road seems well maintained, after five days of traveling your company has met no one travelling on it.

Having food and water nearly always accessable, fire at night and the warm grassy grounds to sleep on, your party can quite easily cope in this land. Having little problems other than a rabbit that your group failed to take down, you have seen no other creatures around you.

Only one thing makes this a hard aventure. With the lack of skills and knowledge of what to do, your group has started fighting amongst themselves. The basic things are argued the most, when a bigger topic pops up, it has resulted in a blooded nose.

It is in fact two days after the blooded nose happened when yet another fight amongst your group broke loose that this story really starts.


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